Riley Evans Struggles with Dildo Addiction

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Pornstar Riley Evans is hot and very horny. Her male neighbors know this, and get excited until they realize a problem – she only wants dildos. Boxes and boxes of sex toys fill Riley’s house, and she compulsively uses them all day long. She wants nothing more in life than to spread her legs and fuck herself madly with an artificial cock. She loves dildos of all shapes and sizes. She delights in finding new toys to pump in and out of her tight, wet pussy until she explodes in orgasm.

Today, however, one brave man tries to break Riley’s curious addiction. He is merely an employee of the local cleaning company hired by Riley to do some work around the house. Upon seeing her house, filled with dildos, and realizing Riley’s problem, he decides another task takes priority. He must cure Riley Evans of her hopeless dildo addiction by delivering the only known treatment – a deep cock injection.